Operation Service Provider
For International Brands
Focus on Providing One-stop E-commerce Operation Service for Premium International Brands
我們一直致力于幫助品牌在電子商務渠道建設和維護官方旗艦店和分銷網絡, 建立和管理體驗式會員體系,提供符合品牌調性的整合營銷和視覺呈現用以提高品牌知名度和美譽度, 監控全網價格體系和打擊知識產權侵權店鋪和鏈接等工作做出極大貢獻。
SOWOW founded in 2011, to focus on to provide international brands across different category, cross-platform, one-stop integrated service, in the form of business is focused on the middle, consumer upgrades, new retail as a whole has become a leading solution provider, alibaba five-star service.
We have been trying to help the brand channel construction and maintenance in electronic commerce official flagship store and distribution network, set up and manage experience member system, provided the brand essence of integrated marketing and visual presentation to improve brand awareness and reputation, monitoring cut price system and the fight against intellectual property infringement such as links to shop and work to make a great contribution.

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